About This Family

Here’s the gang


Hello there! Welcome to This Family Blog! We’re the Tousey family! Join us as we explore stories of our ancestors and share present day adventures! We love our country and share fun ways we experience it. There is no political agenda here. Just lots of reasons to learn and celebrate. We’re a family and this is our story…so far…

How we met

Our own story started about a decade ago at a Native American Pow Wow. I was talking with a friend who asked if I was seeing anyone. My answer was no. (I was a single mom at the time and believe me, there wasn’t any time to date) Before I could get out another word she called Josh over and introduced us. She asked if Josh was seeing anyone. He said he wasn’t. “GREAT!” She said… “You’re single and you’re single. You should date.” and then she just walked away. Josh and I just stood there. Never in my life have I wanted the ground to just open and swallow me up like I wanted it to just then.  AWKWARD! Luckily, I am hilarious and charming when put on the spot. (Or so I choose to believe…honestly I blacked out)

And the Adventures began

Well…. the courtship didn’t exactly start that day but we did exchange contact information. A few months later we had our first date which was a rather epic adventure that lasted several days and involved a St Patricks Day parade, a dance party, and a river dyed green. It set a bit of a precedent as we’ve pretty much lived one adventure after another ever since and along the way gathered some excellent stories to swap around a campfire. 

We love America

One of the things that Josh and I connect on is being a patriot. We love our country and we both find it sad that these days patriotism gets confused with political agenda. We raise our girls to experience, respect, and understand our country (all of it…even the ugly parts). To do that, we feel it is important to know where we came from, appreciate what is around us now, and what we are a part of, and understand how our country works and how to be part of it in a positive way. 

Who we are

In many ways we are the quintessential American family. We are blended. We are of mixed heritage, both Native and immigrant. We are entrepreneurs and we are adventurers. We love to explore and we can tell a good story. And we love coffee! (Seriously…you have no idea)

What’s the blog for

We started this blog because we want to share our experience of being a modern American family. We want to show you some freaking amazing places we visit, some awesome products and services we love and use, some unique and delectable foods, some unbelievable (yet true) stories of other patriots we are related to, how we entrepreneur (a fine American tradition), and other amazingly inspiring awesomeness that all comes from right here in our home, The USA. Basically how and what we celebrate and adventure.


We do work with affiliate businesses to earn our income. We do sponsored posts as well as offer photography and video production services that we highlight here. We will never write about something we have not personally experienced or believe in. We do not post ads, but we do share links to quality businesses and products we feel our readers will find valuable.

More about us as individuals



Hi! You’re seeing me in my happy place…in the mountains, in a field of sunflowers, about ready to guzzle as much fresh pressed apple cider as my body will let me. It’s like an annual fall cleansing to all the coffee I normally consume. 

Job wise, I’ve worn several hats over the years including camp counselor, teacher, makeup artist, writer and film producer. I’ve loved all my jobs but what makes me the happiest is being a wife and mom (cheesy but true). I enjoy being creative and still keep a foot in the entertainment industry while I raise a family.

I’m proud to be a member of Girl Scouts, St. Andrews Society, American Clan Gregor Society, and Daughters of the American Revolution. I’m a bit of an American History geek, I’m absolutely terrible in the kitchen, and I love a good coffee. Pretty sure I was a pirate in a previous life and I have been told many times listening to me tell stories is like being on Drunk History. Oddly, I haven’t seen the show yet but I think it’s a compliment?



Josh is way more comfortable behind the camera then in front of it. It’s not his jam to be the focus of attention hence I’m writing his bio. He is one of those observant types who notices pretty much everything.  That’s probably what makes him an excellent photographer. He’s worked in Hollywood for about a decade now on films and countless photoshoots. I’d love to tell you about all the projects he’s actually worked on but he has to sign a lot of NDAs (non disclosure agreements) and if he can’t tell you, I for sure cannot. I can tell you his cool points are WAY up and sometimes we do get to share things.

Josh is the rock of this family. He keeps my flight of ideas teathered and grounded and keeps us all on track when we off road (which happens a LOT). He’s good at numbers, great in the kitchen (thank God!) and wants to be an excellent fisherman. He also blames me for his coffee addiction. You’re welcome.

Madison Bella

Madison Bella

If it wasn’t for Bella I wouldn’t even know about such things as Instagram and Pinterest. Currently a University student, Bella has already lived an extraordinary life including being a model, acting in a few TV shows and films, being an active member of several tribal youth groups and organizations, and paging for the Continental Congress for the Daughters of the American Revolution. (Yeah, she’s a little bit of a bad ass). I’d like to take credit for her fierceness but she came into this world ready to take it on.

Bella was a girl scout in elementary school and is now a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, American Clan Gregor Society, and serves on several boards with very impressive names that I can’t keep track of and remember the titles. She too is fueled by caffeine as any serious college student is.



This little ray of sunshine has been lighting up our lives for nine years. She loves dogs and horses and hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream! She’s wicked smart and in her nine short years has managed to land a handful of TV and film roles, created an invention that made it to producers of Sharktank, and is a trophy winning competitive Highland Dancer. Pretty sure we will all be working for her someday. (I mean ALL of us, including you dear reader)

Sage is a proud member of Girl Scouts, American Clan Gregor Society, and President of the local Children of the American Revolution society She’s amazing and I kind of want to be her when I grow up.

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Bailey Acorn

Bailey Acorn

Bailey Acorn is a one of a kind pup. He’s a certified service dog who performs multiple tasks. (He’s in his training vest here) He is a rescue dog as well but don’t let his good manners fool you. He’d be happy to finish that taco for you. 

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